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K9 Power Wake
About the Inventor

Frank Pagano is a retired New Jersey K9 Police Sergeant with over 20 years’ experience as both a handler and a trainer. Working with K9 Explosive Detection units in New York City and New Jersey, as well as for the Department of State working in Iraq, has provided Frank with insight into not only the practices but also the needs within the field.

"As a trainer, I saw the need to create a training device for any scent trained K9 to replicate a large amount of odor from a small amount of material. K9’s will learn quickly to follow the scent cone to the source. This device can be placed inside boxes, luggage and vehicles; the positive pressure created by the training device will cause K9 to search productive areas, such as door seams, zippers and corners of boxes with no set time."

- Frank Pagano, inventor of the K9 Power Wake


In 2016, Frank began working with Inert Products LLC to refine the concept and introduce the K9 Power Wake to the marketplace.

Inert Products LLC provides Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and the United States Department of Defense with extremely durable, highly realistic inert training aids used in training against terrorist threats. Located in Scranton, PA, Inert Products, LLC produces and supplies support materials used by security forces in training to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the threat of explosives & terrorism.

    About the Product

    K9 Power Wake is a patent-pending invention developed by Frank Pagano in conjunction with Inert Products LLC.



    “The aid is working out great. We have been experimenting with it on vehicles as well as open area hides. One thing I can attest to is, the unit is a game changer on developing COB in dogs that are working a problem for the first time.  We are using the units to do imprinting on open areas and rooms to induce the required response that we are looking for.  Makes easy work for us in developing COB in our dogs.. If you are not using this unit you are behind the eight ball.”

    - Director of K9 Training at a premiere US training facility

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